TWYN #1: Defining Your Narrative

February 28, 2019

Welcome to the first Take What You Need episode of the Motherhood Revival podcast. In this bi-weekly series within the podcast, I will be sharing thoughts and inspiration in a non-interview format. These episodes will focus on topics taken from social media, pop-culture, or things I have felt impressed to share from personal experience or otherwise. My hope is that these episodes will be shorter nuggets of information and love.

In today’s episode we are talking about defining your narrative and what it means to live a life that is truly your own. Friends, I hope that from this episode you gain a deeper insight into how to live your most authentic life. I give practical tips on defining your narrative and some quick steps to take to consider what you want that to look like. I also talk about why this is so important.

If you leave this episode feeling inspired, please share your takeaways in your Instagram story and tag me @motherhoodrevival! There is nothing I would love more than how you’re enjoying the messages shared here.

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